90 Day Financial Makeover - CFO Centre Australia

90 Day Financial Makeover for SME Owners

(either on-site or virtual)

Work with a high level strategic CFO to transform your business, leaving you to feel confident and optimistic about the future

What’s included?
  • 8 page bespoke report on your accounts function’s biggest needs
  • Complimentary 90 minute planning session with one of our top CFOs, discussing topics such as:
    • Cash flow and profitability in your business
    • Your key drivers, goals and aspirations
    • Identifying areas for improvement in your accounts function
    • KPIs (measures that really matter)
    • What a 90 day action plan for your business might look like
  • 5 subsequent sessions to implement your Plan (and help you avoid making costly mistakes in the post-COVID landscape)
What value will I get?
  • Clarity as to how to transform your accounts function
  • Insights into profit and cash maximisation
  • A detailed review of your financials, with cost effective ways to structure your whole accounts function
  • Systems and process reviews
  • Gain a better understanding of your cost base
  • Have a clearer visibility over your numbers
  • Clear focus on your profitability and company valuation
  • More confidence with decision-making
What will it cost me?
  • The first 90 minute session is completely free of charge
  • 5 subsequent sessions = $2,000 in total (ex GST)

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