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Under the Spotlight – The Operator

The CFO as an ‘Operator’

Ownership of Cash flow
Maximisation of Profits and Profitability
Reduce Costs
Increase Productivity & Efficiency


If cash used to be King, in today’s new landscape it’s now Emperor. The Operator frees up the Business Owner from having to worry about the day to day financial operations. Your CFO will ensure that your business is built on rock solid foundations and able to withstand unforeseen market conditions.

Operational Skills
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When Does a Business Need a CFO?

Recently, I read a great and thought challenging article from a few years ago, highlighting the key message around why organizations need a good CFO in their business – especially in these trying times in being able to provide sound stewardship in developing structures and creating sustainable financial success for the business that aligns with the pillars of success.

Key to this success is in developing the CFO role and understanding the business operating mode.

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Under the Spotlight – The Strategist

Our CFOs have all walked the walk, playing leadership roles in fast growth businesses in every sector. The Strategist role of your CFO is to help you define what you really want from your business and work with you to devise the strategy to make it happen. This includes attention, in the current climate, on future-proofing your business to adjust to market conditions. There has never been a greater opportunity to grow through acquisitions and purchase competitive businesses at below market value.

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Business Opportunities in Challenging Times

Victoria’s current Lockdown is set to cost the Victorian economy as much as $2 billion a week, delay business investment and snuff out the recovery in the jobs market.

At the beginning of this second wave of the Coronavirus Lockdown, many businesses had to close their organisation’s doors or contract their activities. This was due to the government lockdown mandates or because customer numbers had diminished significantly. Most sectors of the Australian economy have been adversely affected by the pandemic

In the June quarter,

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SMEs Planning to Survive

SME’s planning to survive

As you emerge from the ‘government life support’ phase and look to plan your future in an uncertain world, preparation is essential.

As we attempt to return to business as usual during what some commentators are forecasting to be the worst economic collapse since federation, businesses will need a clear strategy to help them emerge into what will, for many, be a very different landscape.

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New Financial Year, New World, What Now?

Businesses in the Professional Services sector (along with many others) have had it tough this year. With the road to recovery in sight and a new financial year, now is the time to make sure your business is in the right shape to navigate through the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Nick Crawford, one of our CFOs in Sydney, partnered up with James Freeman at Capital Architects, Alistair Marshall from Professional Services Business Development and David Smith,

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Surviving to Thriving in the New Financial Year

The impact of COVID 19 coupled with the imminent new financial year is inevitably resulting in a lot of people reviewing their businesses and wondering where to next? Like many, the recruitment sector has been hard hit, but in these times of uncertainty businesses need to be thinking about their business strategically. They need to be planning and being prepared for the recovery. How do you capitalise, pivot and survive to then revive and then THRIVE post COVID 19?


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