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Cultivating Leadership Qualities which Drive Positive Change in Your Company

Cultivating Leadership Qualities which Drive Positive Change in Your Company

Cultivating Leadership Qualities which Drive Positive Change in Your Company
At some point, every company needs to implement change. But when is that point? And what qualities are needed to drive change? To answer the former, we must first focus on the latter.

Although the impetus for change is either a need or an opportunity, it is driven by leadership. Without the right leadership, opportunities are missed and needs are allowed to metastasise into threats. In the case of change, the right leadership has three primary qualities.

– Effective change leadership is proactive.
A proactive leader is never content with the status quo. He or she views change as a powerful catalyst for moving the company forward towards its vision. Thus, a proactive leader is always exploring new avenues for growth and expansion, always looking for ways to improve and optimise cash flow.

– Effective change leadership is passionate.
Change – especially major change – can bog a company down and drain resources, so the less time spent in implementing it, the better. A passionate leader has a vision for the company and an internalised commitment to seeing it realised. This motivates action and produces the momentum needed to navigate change quickly.

– Effective change leadership is personal.
Ultimately, the ability to successfully implement change comes down to the commitment of everyone in the company. A good leader, therefore, not only articulates the need for change, he or she models the commitment needed to effect it. This will often involve sacrifice, which is the most difficult part of the change process, but there is no greater demonstration of one’s personal commitment.

So how do these leadership qualities translate into recognising when change is needed? A leader with these qualities is welcoming of change; in fact, she is seeking it in the first place. And a leader with these qualities is not alone in seeking opportunities for change. Her commitment to identifying change opportunities is shared by those around her, and she treats their input as a critical resource to be cultivated.

One such critical resource, of course, is the insight and analysis provided by a good CFO. Which accounts are under performing? Where are the company’s investments realising the best returns? How can the company’s finances be restructured to reduce overheads and free up capital for growth in new markets? For all such questions, there is no substitute for a strategic CFO.

If you are looking to equip your company with the right tools and resources to capitalise on change opportunities, we at the CFO Centre would be more than happy to show you how a CFO, strategically deployed, can make all the difference between surviving and thriving when it comes to change.


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