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Brian Hoppe, Principal – Northern NSW

Brian Hoppe, Principal – Northern NSW
Picture of Brian Hoppe, Principal – Northern NSW

Brian Hoppe, Principal – Northern NSW

Brian’s expertise comes from working with intelligent Boards, CEO’s and Management teams in organisations ranging from the world’s most successful ICT company to SME’s in Australia, China, Japan and USA.

Brian has helped those teams develop and implement organisational strategy, improve operations and profitability, understand and mitigate risks and finance business growth.

As your CFO Brian can assist you and your senior management team professionally develop your business while allowing you more time for you.

Brian’s skills and experience include-

  • Served as CFO on 7 senior management teams navigating business cycles of growth (natural and M&A) and of rationalization
  • Rebuilt 3 finance teams, systems and processes to support business growth and improve the quality of business decisions
  • Turned around a cashflow crises at several companies by transforming process, managing expenses, inventory, supplier and customer cycle times and financing
  • Won new business and improved contract quality by actively engaging with prospective customers to help structure/finance contracts
  • Reduced risk and improved strategic success by developing a corporate compliance and risk management system and establishing an independent BOD
  • Negotiated an Advanced Pricing Agreement with the ATO to secure transfer pricing compliance certainty for a mid size multinational

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