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Chris Baring-Gould, Principal – Victoria

Chris Baring-Gould, Principal – Victoria
Picture of Chris Baring-Gould, Principal – Victoria

Chris Baring-Gould, Principal – Victoria

Chris Baring-Gould is a people and values-driven finance professional, with over 30 years’ experience in the community welfare services, investment, funds management, stockbroking, money market, banking and heavy equipment leasing sectors.

Before joining the CFO Centre, Chris was CFO for 18 years at Anglicare Victoria, one of the Victoria’s largest child and family welfare organisations.  During this period, he was pivotal in ensuring that the organisation’s financial and risk management frameworks scaled up in sophistication and relevance, to match its operational growth to fivefold in size.  Chris’s prior significant experience in the financial services industry also enabled him to bring together capital providers to help structure an innovative social finance instrument funded by investors.

Chris enjoys leading teams with a collaborative style.  He is also experienced in managing non-financial functions such as Property and Vehicle infrastructure, Human Resources, and Information Technology.  He brings recognised capabilities in:

  • Leadership and management, by creating and leading high performing financial and cross-functional teams
  • Strategy and its linkage with day-to-day operations
  • Transformational change in a large and complex organisation, such as transitioning traditional finance functions and teams towards value-add capabilities of the future, increasing the use of technology and data analytics
  • Good governance solutions, focusing on managing risks and aligning an organisation’s resources to achieve its strategic objectives.

Chris’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Mentoring staff and aspiring to experienced manager
  • Strategic planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting
  • Optimising cashflows, profit margins, and working capital management
  • Improving the timeliness and  effectiveness of management reporting
  • Implementing risk management frameworks
  • Integrating budgeting and forecasting with strategy and operations.
  • Achieving  cost savings and efficiency gains
  • Turning operations around
  • Leading project teams
  • Due diligence in mergers and acquisitions



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