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Elechia Jones- Regional Director, Northern NSW

Elechia Jones- Regional Director, Northern NSW
Picture of Elechia Jones- Regional Director, Northern NSW

Elechia Jones- Regional Director, Northern NSW

Elechia Jones is an experienced Chief Financial Officer with extensive industry experience in manufacturing and health. Elechia has over 15 years’ experience and has held senior roles in both finance and operations, giving her exceptional expertise in driving business growth.

She is currently undertaking studies to gain her Master of Business Administration and Professional Accounting.

Elechia is adept at building forward-looking strategies based on investigative hindsight and navigating high-level economic policy by leveraging robust, ground-level tactics. Strengthened by structured planning, accurate valuations, and actionable insights, her financial oversight has been elemental to the long-term growth of small-medium business’s as well as larger corporations.

She has tightened operations and erased redundancies while creating quality opportunities that help align investment focus with superior vision. Cascading this vision seamlessly to ground-level teams by investing in existing systems and enacting effective change has transformed multiple business processes; she aims to continue growing the economy, one financial metric at a time.

Elechia’s key areas of expertise are

  • Business improvement and change management
  • ERP solution implementations
  • Cash flow management
  • Loan/finance facility management
  • Budgeting, forecasting and BI solutions analysis and implementation
  • Management and board reporting
  • Motivating leading and mentoring staff

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