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Geoff Gazzard – Principal, Northern NSW, Central Coast

Geoff Gazzard – Principal, Northern NSW, Central Coast
Picture of Geoff Gazzard – Principal, Northern NSW, Central Coast

Geoff Gazzard – Principal, Northern NSW, Central Coast

Geoff Gazzard is a highly experienced, commercially astute and professional Finance Executive who has spent most of his career in the SME space as a CFO/COO and General Manager. Geoff is technically strong, has excellent team building skills and has an impressive track record in assisting owners of SME’s achieve their goals.

Geoff has worked in businesses across multiple sectors from electrical household goods, musical and live performance equipment, industrial fasteners, aviation, property development and furniture and home décor. Within these businesses Geoff has assisted owner operators in significantly scaling their businesses by identifying strategic growth opportunities, implementing changes to the business in realizing these opportunities, and ultimately delivering on the owners and Board’s identified goals. Geoff has typically worked in companies with turnovers from $5-$50 million.

Geoff trained at Ernst and Young and whilst there qualified as a Chartered Accountant. After three years at Ernst and Young Geoff joined South Africa’s largest importer and manufacturer of household appliances – Nu-World Industries. Geoff immigrated to Australia in 1996 and since then has worked in the businesses and sectors previously mentioned; always working closely with the CEO’s and Boards of these businesses in achieving their objectives and goals. In one of his recent roles Geoff reported to a Board that consisted of two Shark Tank Investors, Janine Allis (Boost Juice) and Glen Richards (Greencross/Perbarn)

Geoff key sector experience is import/distribution, product brand development, logistics/distribution management/ FMCG wholesale and retail and property development.

Geoff is adept at breaking down the numbers of the business, understanding the key objectives of the Board, dissecting the industry opportunities within which the business operates and making recommendations as to how to achieve the goals of the Board.


This draws on all the disciplines Geoff has extensive experience namely:

  • Understanding the key goals of the owner/Board/CEO
  • Utilising Finance experience on achieving those goals such as:
  • Profit Improvement
  • Effective Cashflow Management
  • Identifying operational cost efficiencies and savings
  • Identifying market growth opportunities
  • Improving internal controls and reporting
  • Establishing KPI’S
  • Improving the performance of outsourced business support functions – Legal, HR/Compliance
  • Managing Bank Relationship
  • Managing auditors
  • Asset productivity
  • Workflow and HR productivity
  • Risk Assessment
  • Exit Strategy

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