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Greg Stokes, Principal – NSW

Greg Stokes, Principal – NSW
Picture of Greg Stokes, Principal – NSW

Greg Stokes, Principal – NSW

Greg Stokes, Principal – New South Wales

Greg Stokes, a CA (Chartered Accountant), is not only an experienced and astute financial accountant and CFO, he also has many years’ experience as a successful CEO of SME’s. Greg has been responsible for the start up of three successful SME’s and the successful merger of two SME’s. In his various roles he has also been responsible for General Management and Administration, Sales & Marketing, Consulting Services, Training & Client Services and Funds Management. In one of his roles in Funds Management he acted as RO (Responsible Officer) for several different Funds involving compliance, risk management and corporate governance and ethics.

Greg has more than 30 years’ experience in business and as a director on the board of five different companies. As a CEO and member of the various boards he has been involved in setting the vision and mission of the companies and formulating the strategy and objectives, as well as the relevant budgets. During that time, he has also lectured and tutored at several different universities and colleges in financial accounting, financial management and management accounting. For many years he also taught and mentored students undertaking their CPA Professional Year subjects, specialising in Ethics and Governance.

Greg has worked in and with many different industries, including Chartered (Professional) Accountancy, Retail, Wholesale & Importing, IT, Software Development, Sales & Support, Funds Management & Fund Raising, Property Development, Sales & Finance, Seniors Accommodation, Care & Services etc. He therefore brings to his work as a CFO Principal, an amazing amount of diverse experience, knowledge, expertise and commitment.

Greg’s Key Capabilities:

  • Vision, mission and strategy formulation, review and assessment
  • CEO level planning, control, evaluation and general management of SME’s
  • Budget preparation, forecasting and analysis
  • Financial and management accounting and reporting
  • Business sustainability, compliance, governance and ethics
  • SME startups, sustainable growth and mergers
  • Training and client/customer services
  • Development, implementation and review of policies and procedures



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