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Jannie Lourens, Principal – South Australia

Jannie Lourens, Principal – South Australia
Picture of Jannie Lourens, Principal – South Australia

Jannie Lourens, Principal – South Australia

Jannie Lourens has many years of executive level experience in strategy development, leadership, commercial and project management in many international industries.  Industries he worked in are eco-industries, oil and gas, liquefied natural gas, synthetic fuels, coal, power generation, petrochemicals, agricultural chemicals, steel manufacturing, fertilisers, the military and consulting.

Jannie is also currently the part-time CFO for an international eco-industrial development company based in South Africa. The company is developing a large sustainable eco-friendly industrial park aimed to serve growing industrial and energy markets.

His wide experience in many industries through commercial, technical, and project development of new projects, led him to start a consultancy firm that focuses on commercialisation, performance enhancement, leadership, change and business strategy.

His career covers rich leadership capability, including the recent publication of his book ‘Leadership for the Age of Change – How to Lead Successfully in the 21st Century’.  The book presents an integrated leadership framework to guide leaders in an age of exceptional change.  

Jannie holds two degrees in chemical engineering, an MBA and a PhD.

Jannie’s core values are: 

  • Building trustworthy relationships
  • Including people in decisions
  • Collaboration towards the achievement of mutual purposes
  • Excellence

Jannie’s key capabilities:

  • Strategy development and planning
  • Strategic risk assessment of commercial and capital investment proposals
  • Commercialising business opportunities and new technology
  • Due diligence exercises on projects
  • Business plans and structures
  • Feasibility studies
  • Change leadership

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