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Jeffery Chua, Principal – Queensland

Jeffery Chua, Principal – Queensland
Picture of Jeffery Chua, Principal – Queensland

Jeffery Chua, Principal – Queensland

Jeffery Chua, Principal – Queensland

Jeffery is a qualified Australian CPA and holds a Master in Enterprise Innovation with more than 25 years’ experience as an Asia Pacific (APAC) leader in the field of Finance, Reporting and Financial Analysis with responsibility for Procurement, IT and HR functions. The majority of this experience has been gained across APAC with time spent in Singapore, Australia, China and India across various industry sectors:  Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Building & Construction, IT and Mobile, Venture capitalist / fund raising and in the Chemicals industry.

From the very start, Jeffery was very focused and understood what he was after – a complete thorough business understanding of business and finance.  He has worked with “Start Ups”, “SMEs”( together with the owners grew the business from $2m to $50m and prepared it for listing on the stock market), Asian and European MNCs and even at a point in time ran his own business for a while.   With this experience, he understands how both the owner/entrepreneur thinks and how a professional executes as he has been in their shoes.

Jeffery’s skills and experiences are complemented by his excellent people and communication skills to effectively collaborate with staff, senior executives, boards, lenders and external stakeholders.


Jeffery’s area of expertise include:

  • Identifying what works and what does not
  • Aligning strategic goals to financial performance
  • Working with clients to improve profitability and cash flow
  • Improving Business intelligence
  • Process review and re-engineering
  • Implementing Change management
  • Developing and mentoring staff and team restructuring
  • Systems implementation
  • Work with remote office centre and align them with the Head Office strategy
  • Expansion of business in “Green Field” areas
  • Understanding and working with diverse cultures / people of different races and their thoughts and ideas





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