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JP Mills – Regional Manager

JP Mills – Regional Manager
Picture of JP Mills – Regional Manager

JP Mills – Regional Manager

JP Mills started his career as a professional football player at Oxford United and in 2001 signed for Premier League outfit Southampton FC. After leaving Southampton in 2003, JP gained his initial sales experience with a global insurance company.

In 2005/06 JP took the opportunity of playing football in Perth, Western Australia combining his footballing talents with his passion for adventure. In late 2006 JP returned to the UK to join his brother Jamie in his successful bespoke bathroom installation business for high net worth clients. After 5 years of working together with his brother, JP’s passion for Australia re-surfaced when an opportunity to live and work In Perth, Western Australia occurred, so in 2012 JP and his wife Laura, embarked on an adventure that would allow them to gain a permanent visa to live and work in Australia indefinitely.

JP soon started his own business, while Laura helped grow the CFO Centre business initially as a Marketing executive and more recently as Operations Director.

After 5 years living and working in Australia, JP and Laura finally got their permanent residency in 2017 which enabled JP to join the CFO Centre in Australia, part of the CFO Centre Group that his father founded in 2001.

JP has started in the CFO Centre as a regional manager, supporting the Regional Directors across Australia in finding, winning and keeping clients, playing to his strengths as a sales professional and utilising his strong relationship skills. After being immersed in the businesses culture from a young age, JP strongly believes in the CFO Centre ethos and team approach and looks forward to making a big impact to the lives of our clients and the colleagues he is working with.


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