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Melissa Tirant – Principal, Victoria

Melissa Tirant – Principal, Victoria
Picture of Melissa Tirant – Principal, Victoria

Melissa Tirant – Principal, Victoria

Melissa Tirant is an experienced financial professional with a diverse background in engineering, manufacturing, industrial (Defence and Mining), utilities (Water and Telecommunications), IT outsourcing and transport operations.

She has operated in commercial environments in Australia and Singapore in strategic and operational capacities in product, service and project areas. Transforming and rebranding businesses through a variety of activities, from process optimisation, market deep dives, developing pricing strategies, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and divestments, to ensure long term stability, growth and profit maximsation.

Melissa has a collaborative leadership style, where she has developed and led regional teams, not just in the finance but also in the non-financial functions such as Customer Service, Human Resources, Information Technology, Procurement and Logistics. Developing high performing cross functional teams across locations and time zones to ensure strong customer focus and supporting business growth.

She has a passion for numbers and likes to dive into the detail, analyse what’s going on, and look beyond the numbers.

Melissa’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic and operational planning, execution, reporting and controlling
  • Process improvement and change management
  • Business transformation
  • Budget and forecasting preparation and analysis
  • Optimisation of profit margins and cash management
  • Governance and risk management
  • Development and implementation of policies and procedures including Sarbanes Oxley Compliance
  • Strong financial and marketing analysis to support senior managers in their decision making process
  • Leading and coaching staff through to the development of high performing teams

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