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Mike Hall, Principal – Gold Coast Queensland

Mike Hall, Principal – Gold Coast Queensland
Picture of Mike Hall, Principal – Gold Coast Queensland

Mike Hall, Principal – Gold Coast Queensland

Michael Hall, Principal – Gold Coast Queensland

Michael is a commercially focused CIMA qualified accountant with all his experience being gained in a variety of industries in the UK and Australia. Having spent 8 years initially in a project environment Michael then spent 10 years with a global chemical company based in North East England. Having set his sights further afield Michael headed for Queensland Australia 12 years ago and now calls the Gold Coast home.

With improved strategic clarity, sound financial management and good governance, Michael brings confidence and comfort to his clients in their decision-making. By addressing his clients’ pain-points, their stress is reduced whilst maximising their time for other tasks they are wanting to get on with.

Having worked in several industries with management to optimise reporting, cash management and business understanding Michael has worked in the petrochemical industry, projects, EPCM, manufacturing and most recently telecoms providing insightful information to directors and managers alike.

His skills have allowed the business to greatly understand their financial performance and where the business needs to improve by bringing his knowledge and ability to make finance simple where possible.

Currently a CFO for a premium SMS company Michael continues to ensure cash management and reporting of business performance is communicated to the company directors. Within numerous roles Michael has developed strategic plans, budgeting models, forecast models, cash forecasting and reporting at a project, company or group level. He has then communicated this to the board and continued to report on these models for actuals. He has ensured that the information is delivered in a timely manner and is understood.


Key Abilities

Setting of strategic plans actioning and reporting them going forward

Forecasting of business performance and reporting outcomes, from a cash perspective as well as a Profit and Loss perspective.

Understanding the requirements of the business and creating models which can assist in business moving forward.

The ability to work at a strategic level with senior management as well as being able to discuss finance and critical information at all levels allows.

Looking for and finding areas of improvement.

Keeping it simple and easy to understand, where possible.



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