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Mitesh Desai, Principal – Western Australia

Mitesh Desai, Principal – Western Australia
Picture of Mitesh Desai, Principal – Western Australia

Mitesh Desai, Principal – Western Australia

As a Certified Accountant, with qualifications and skills recognised by ICAA, Mitesh Desai (FCCA) brings over 20 years’ experience in providing Commercial Management and Financial Controls to a wide range of industries and businesses, including import-export, agriculture, mining services, commercial services as well as health care industry.

Starting his career in Australia as Commercial Manager for Spotless Management Service with responsibility for two of their largest business units, he has subsequently worked for and gained significant experience and exposure within the mining services and associated engineering projects industry.

He also brings extensive international experience of having worked in Africa as Director of Finance and as Audit Senior in London. Mitesh is well versed in cultural competencies, understanding of the dynamics of transnational economies, giving him the agility to work across diverse sectors, in realising their productive potential through KPI monitoring and process improvements.

An experienced entrepreneur himself, he is has garnered a wealth of knowledge in Markets and Revenue streams, Accounting and Financial reporting, Systems implementation, Business Structures, as well as training, development and mentoring of staff, equipping him with astute commercial knowledge and skills, to help businesses gain clarity & confidence, improving efficiency to maximise profits.

Teaming up with the CFO Centre Western Australia, Mitesh is now an integral part of the team, providing locally-managed, outsourced CFO services.

He is passionate about enabling business owners to have time to concentrate on business growth, raising profile, without worrying about management of the back office functions. He is able to effectively communicate complex technical and financial concepts, concisely and comprehensively, to a broad range of audience, enabling him to build valuable relationships and networks. His approach is very hands-on and detailed to ensure quality management information is provided to the client to support informed decision making.


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