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Here are some of the highlights from the report:

  • What a CFO actually does;
  • The difference between a CFO and an Accountant;
  • How to decide whether you need a part-time CFO;
  • The benefits of working with a part-time CFO;
  • The '12 Box' programme.

Find out how a part-time CFO will transform your business

Our partnership with your business includes a commitment to provide you with a high calibre part-time Chief Financial Officer for a fraction of the cost of an in-house CFO.

Where an in-house Chief Financial Officer appointment limits you to the personal skills of the individual, we have structured our business so that each of our clients can enjoy the combined skills, contacts and experience of our entire national and international team.

We are the market leader in our space and are able to provide a higher quality, higher value service than our competitors because of our rigorous CFO application process, our unique ’12 Box Architecture’ aimed at helping you strengthen your finance department across 12 key areas and our track record in helping businesses to strengthen their financial strategies and focus on their strategic planning.

By using The CFO Centre you get far more than just a part-time CFO. Here’s what you get:

  • A local support team of the highest calibre CFOs in the country;
  • A national collaborative team of the best CFOs sharing best practice;
  • Access to our international team of CFOs (so we can help fast track your company’s expansion into overseas markets);
  • Access to the highest level of strategic management

What our customers say about us...

Taylor Howes

"He thinks about things in a way that I simply wouldn't have thought about. I can't see how we would be at that level now if I didn't have the support of a part-time FD".

Karen Howes. Founder and Chief Executive

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Jewers Grain

"Having an FD has enabled us to double our business in the last 3 years and this wouldn't have been possible within the time frame without them".

Matthew Jewers, Managing Director

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Raspberry Pi

“We have sold in excess of 8 million units. We could not have done that without the support from Martin and The FD Centre so we are very happy”.

Eben Upton, CEO

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Scale Up - How to grow your business without losing control or running out of cash - by The CFO Centre Group Founder, Colin Mills

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